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Director: Prof. (Dr.) Lisa P Lukose

Legal Aid Centre of GGSIPU works towards access of justice for disempowered, marginalized segments of society since 2002. It has approval from Delhi Legal Service Authority and has Visit of DLSA Empanelled Lawyer on every Friday

In the backdrop of Poverty and Inequality, Legal Aid is an effective way towards attainment of the ideals of ‘Social, Economic and Political’ Justice that are enshrined in our Constitution under the Directive Principles of State Policy. The importance of Legal Aid and Awareness Campaigns as a mechanism for social progress is something that has been repeatedly stressed upon by the Government of India.


To strive to perform our duty by imparting legal awareness and promoting community consciousness through social outreach and service initiatives, awareness drives, informational meetings and donations, connecting the society at all fronts to and for those who are starving for legal assistance and perspiring with a hope for just an avenue for access to justice.

Future Vision

◊ Implementation of Standard Operating Procedure in IP University
◊ Transforming GGSIPU Legal Aid Cell as Model for other Universities
◊ Training of Lawyer and Judges to provide effective Legal Aid cell
◊ Conducting Training and Refresher Programme for Senior Government Officials.
◊ Use of CSR Fund of Companies for legal aid to achieve
◊ Legal Social Responsibility.
◊ Online Portal for Feedback, Legal Aid Mobile App

Notable Achievements

◊ Submitted Standard Operating Procedure to Ministry of Law and Justice which is to be followed by Legal Service Cells, Courts and Law Schools
◊ National Symposium on ‘Right to Legal Aid- Inclusivity Redefined’ as part of Legal Aid Project ( Ministry of Law & Justice)-
◊ Community/Social Outreach Programme-
◊ celebrated Constitution Day (Samvidhan Divas) on 26th November,2019
◊ Celebration of Republic Week (24th to 31st January,2020)